Class Calendar

Monday, April 29, 2013

Class: El Corazon Nicho with Cheryl Thorpe

Nancy asked Cheryl Thorpe to come up with a shrine class….and look at what she did! She’ll have us torching tin and playing with polymer clay.

Here's a list of suggested things to bring to decorate their nicho: focal piece, beads, brads, pins, nail stacks, flowers, ribbons, lace, fabric trims, pearls, buttons, metal bead caps.  Also, bring the following if you have it: metal shears or heavy duty scissors, pliers, & metal file.

Cheryl will provide: altoid tin, tin for wings, template, center punch, dremel, wire, pliers, torch,
wire brush, metal shears, file, polymer clay (let me know what color when signing up),
oven, parchment paper, e-6000, pearl x, dimple pliers, clay conditioner, and glue gun glue sticks.

May 4th, Saturday:  10:00am - ??? (class fee $30.00)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Class: Bird Song Pocket Book with Nancy Yoshimoto

Join Nancy herself this Saturday and create a beautiful "pocket" book featuring papers from one of Graphic 45's most popular lines.  This price includes an 8” x 8” G45 Bird Song tablet; if you have that tablet of paper or one you’d rather use, the class price is $25.00. This book is a modified accordion fold with each page having a pocket. Nancy envisions using it to hold special notes, receipts, recipes, and such ephemera.

April 27th, Saturday:  10:00am - until finished (class fee $35.00 and includes the 8" x 8" Bird Song pad or $25.00 if you bring your own pad)

Altered Books #5: A Series Workshop with Sue Rosenberg

Sue will conclude her altered books series with this class and with encouragement and interest, she may teach the series again.  Please let Nancy know if you would like to sign up for a future repeat of this class to learn techniques for altering books including collage, stamping, journaling, mixed media, etc.

April 26th, Friday:  10:00am - 12:00pm (class fee for this session is $15.00)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Class: Beggar's Night Canvas with Mary Noland

Join Mary Saturday and get a jump start on your Fall decor.  As Mary will tell you, “It’s never too early for Halloween!”  This is one of Mary’s painted canvases that she uses clay to raise parts of the images into a bas relief.  A marvelous project celebrating a season near and dear to many of us.  

April 20th, Saturday:  10:00am - 4:00pm (class fee $25.00)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Class: Jewelry Box Weekend with Cheryl Thorpe

Cheryl has three “mixed up metal” classes Saturday and Sunday, April 13 & 14. Each class is priced individually, but if you take all three, you’ll save $10.00!
here's what you can bring:
  • metal shears or heavy duty scissors
  • metal files
  • round nose and flat nose jewelry pliers
  • jewelry making wire cutters
and if you have it:
  • small anvil or steel bench block
  • dapping block
  • texture pattern hammers
  • ball peen hammer
Cheryl will supply:
Copper, brass, nickel silver, leather cord, chain and clasps, earwires, jump rings, micro screws, nuts and bolts, files, hammers, dapping block, hole punches, drill bits, grinding wheel, dremel,  wire brush, steel wool, silver black, pliers, e-6000, bench block, washers, center punch, gloves, wire

Or take the classes individually, here are the dates and times:

Mixed Metal Necklace:
Saturday, April 13: 10 AM -12:30 PM

You will probably have time to make two of these very cool pendants.  Among the mixed-up metals, are copper and brass… they go with all color schemes!

Mixed-up Metal Earrings:
Saturday, April 13: 1-4 PM

Cheryl has a variety of styles for you to choose from… and they’re all winners!

Mixed-up Metal Bracelet:
Sunday, April 14: 1-4 PM

I’m really fond of this bracelet. In this class you’ll learn to do some doming on the metal.
The three classes total $120.00. If you take all three, the cost drops to $110.00.

Class: Masculine Cards with Sue LaMeer

It seems that most of us have lots of ideas for cards for women and children –but men, that’s another story! Sue is going to help us with that.  Think  Southwest and Nautical. Pop into the shop to see these samples as they are no doubt amazing.  

Sue has dedicated the day to you. You can work fast and have a morning class or take your time and stay ‘ til  closing.

April 12th, Friday:  10:00am --->>> ??? (class fee $25.00)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Class: Secret Garden Cards with Caroline Lawson

Graphic 45 has a marvelous new series The Secret Garden. These pages are filled with lovely pastel flowers and backgrounds. These pastels are NOT insipid fades; they are full of color and life. Caroline has done collages bringing images together to “tell a Story”. Scissors and adhesives are a must… plus a love of “fussy cutting”. 

Secret Garden Cards: Caroline Lawson: Saturday, April 6: 1-4 PM….$25.00