Class Calendar

Monday, September 30, 2013

Happening this week!

Star book of Blessings: Nancy Yoshimoto
Wednesday, Oct 2: 1PM-4PM:

Nancy loves making books, especially sewn star books. Another great love of hers is Irish Blessings. She has quite a collection of Irish blessing stamps and what a great way to enjoy them. We're sure you’ll agree. This class will meet on at least 3 Wednesday Afternoons.

Advanced Techniques with Stencils: Liz Forbes:
Saturday, Oct 5: 10 AM- 1 PM

You’ll make two very special cards. Your first card features a dark and stormy night with crows planning mischief. It entails using a stencil with embossing paste and stamping. It also has an unusual closure. This could be sent for fall, Halloween, or just because it is a cool card. (Liz wrote the message poem!)

The second card teaches stamping and embossing on ribbon. It’s a wonderful holly background with the Merry Christmas ribbon across the front.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happening this week...!

The Witching Hour: Nancy Kreischer:
Friday, Sept 20: 10AM -1PM

Nancy K is totally in her element as we move into the fall and Halloween seasons. This is one of Nancy’s special Altoid tin Vignettes and not to be missed!  

Monday, September 9, 2013

Happening this week...!

Halloween Theater: Sue Rosenberg:
Friday, Sept 13: 10AM-1PM

What’s this? A Friday the 13th class celebrating Edgar Allen Poe and/or Halloween – is that good planning, or what? This is one of Sue’s favorite kits where the theater itself is masonite.

Take BOTH of Sue’s classes and save $5.00! Friday & Saturday $45.00

Day of the Dead Theater: Sue Rosenberg:
Saturday, Sept 14: 10AM-1PM

This is a great little shelf-sitter! The stage is set with a variety of skulls and bones. This is fun, not scary! Sue brings the theaters (pre-cut from masonite), papers, paints, and stuff. You will need your regular class kit.

Take BOTH of Sue’s classes and save $5.00! Friday & Saturday $45.00

Students will need their class kits; and though Sue will bring plenty of all of this "stuff," you may want to bring:  X-Acto knife, things to color with, and/or your own DOD or Halloween papers and adornments.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happening this week...

Stenciling Basics: Rhenea Yontz:
Saturday, Sept 6: 10AM-1:30PM:

Make four wonderful cards, each using the same stencil…. And you get your own stencil! These are fall and winter cards with trees. Even if you’ve done stencils for years, Rhenea has tricks up her sleeve you need to learn.