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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Class: Things that go Bump w/ Mary Noland

Before you get too excited about this spooktacular project, let me just say right away that this class is full. I know what you're thinking. Why is she getting my hopes up for a class I can't sign up to take? First of all, this class takes place over the course of three weeks with students coming in on Thursdays and working a majority of the day to complete it. Secondly, Mary wanted to keep the class small to ensure that each student had the instruction and attention necessary to complete this intricate art piece to their satisfaction. What a wonderful and thoughtful teacher! AND, finally, I would be remiss if this fabulous piece did not get some love on the CP2 blog!

These pictures do not begin to adequately portray the details and fine artistry used to create this multi-dimensional canvas painting. Mary uses acrylic paints, paper clay, and scrapbook paper to bring this whimsical Halloween scene to life. Is it too early to begin creating Halloween themed projects this year? Heck no! Instead, I'm sure the regular CP2 patrons are wondering why we are starting so!

If you were lucky enough to squeeze into this class, please bring the following items to work on your project:

1 - fine line brush
1 - 1/2" inch brush
1 - 1" brush
black and brown micro pens
paper towels
white glue
a few tooth picks
a bowl for water
black carbon paper

The class takes place over the next three Thursdays (class fee is $45.00 and includes all three sessions)
July 1st, Thursday: 10:30am - ?
July 8th, Thursday: 10:30 am - ?
July 15th, Thursday: 10:30am - ?

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