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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Class: Copic Skin and Hair with Cheryl Valadez

Join me Saturday afternoon and we'll explore coloring skin and hair using Copic markers.  Sometimes adding flesh tones to an image can be intimidating, but the unique blendability of of the alcohol solution used by Copic actually simplifies this task with amazing results.  This is primarily a technique class, however, we will make one card using Rose's Portrait by Bombshell Stamps.  Bring your regular card making class kit, a Vintage Photo Distress Ink pad, and a sponge applicator.  

Bring your Copic markers, but please have them marked, so the ones that came with you, go home with you ;D     

Also, we'll be playing with a few different hair color combos, so I'm not going to list them on the blog.  However, we will be working with a basic skin color combo and adding colors to create deeper tones for ethnic complexions.  The basic skin color combo is:  E11 Barely Beige, E00 Skin White, E000 Pale Fruit Pink, and R20 Blush.  We'll add E13 Light Suntan to achieve a Hispanic complexion and E15 to achieve an African American complexion.  

Here are the colors we will be using on the card project:

Skin:  E13, E11, E00, E000, R02
Hair:  C07, C05, C03
Flowers:  R29, R24, R22, R20, G28, G24, G21
Others:  0, C3, C1, B21, BG10 

I recommend bringing all of your Copics, so that you have lots of colors to finish out details such as clothing, accessories, etc.  I will have all of my Copics in class and you are always welcome to use them, but sometimes there is a wait if several folks are using the same colors. 

I look forward to seeing you in class!

April 23rd, Saturday:  1:00pm - 4:00pm (class fee $25.00) 


  1. Cheryl, would you ever consider doing a video tutorial or having an online class that those of us who are out of state could participate in? Skin and hair is so tricky - especially for Lucky Bride (her bangs KILL me).

  2. I wish I could come! It sounds like a ton of fun!

  3. I wish I lived closer! Your example is ultra-fantastic!... Just gorgeous!