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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Class: Mixed Metal Jewelry with Cheryl Thorpe

Mixed Metal Jewelry:Cheryl Thorpe:
Saturday & Sunday, June 29 & 30
Cheryl has three "mixed up metal” classes Saturday and Sunday, June 29 & 30. Each class is priced individually, but if you take all three, you'll save $10.00!
here's what you can bring:
  • metal shears or heavy duty scissors
  • metal files
  • round nose and flat nose jewelry pliers
  • jewelry making wire cutters
and if you have it:
  • small anvil or steel bench block
  • dapping block
  • texture pattern hammers
  • ball peen hammer
Cheryl will supply:
Copper, brass, nickel silver, leather cord, chain and clasps, earwires, jump rings, micro screws,
nuts and bolts, files, hammers, dapping block, hole punches, drill bits, grinding wheel, dremel, wire brush, steel wool, silver black, pliers, e-6000, bench block, washers, center punch, gloves, wire

Or take the classes individually, here are the dates and times:

Mixed Metal Necklace:
Saturday, June 29: 10 AM -12:30 PM
You will probably have time to make two of these very cool pendants. Among the mixed-up metals, are copper and brass… they go with all color schemes!

Mixed-up Metal Earrings:
Saturday, June 29: 1-4 PM
Cheryl has a variety of styles for you to choose from… and they're all winners!

Mixed-up Metal Bracelet:
Sunday, June 30: 1-4 PM
I'm really fond of this bracelet. In this class you'll learn to do some doming on the metal.
The three classes total $130.00. If you take all three, the cost drops to $120.00.

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