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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Class: The Book Reconstructed with Juliana Coles

The Book Reconstructed: Juliana Coles:
July 27: 2-5PM

Your creativity will soar in this fun and fast paced book making workshop created by Juliana Coles! Book Reconstruction will begin with the removal of the pages or guts of a found book. We then rebuild her from recycled remnants and scraps to create a unique artist book, not merely altered, but fully reconstructed. Each page will be created from scraps of paper taped, stitched, and stapled together in a collaboration that allows us to give up perfection in favor of play and experimentation! Participants receive a free workbook with full instructions on the Reconstruction Process.

Workshop Supplies:
You will need: A hardbound found book (or 2 or 3!) to create your Reconstruction Journal. Choose one that appeals to you- any size larger than 6“ x 9” and any thickness not less than ¾ and not thicker than 2”. Altering a book will be more fun for this process but any book will do! You can use an old or new book, one you found at a library sale or thrift store, or you can also use a blank journal or sketchbook – but no spiral bound please!

Mixed Media Materials: 
Feel free to bring a few of your favorite supplies or your mini traveling mixed media tool kit, though we may not have time for them!
You will definitely need:
Gluesticks (1-2 good quality big ones - don‘t bother with the little ones)
Scissors (also fancy edged scissors and hole punches if you have them)
Self healing cutting board
12 inch metal cork backed ruler
utility knife or exacto
a pen or pencil for measuring
At least 2 different kinds of tape such as clear, masking tape, or washi tape in different
colors/thicknesses (if you don’t have any tape don’t worry- I’ll be bringing my amazing
tape collection for you to experiment with!)
Alternative attachment methods such as; stapler, wire, doll needles and thread, brads, etc.
And things can get messy so please bring an apron!

Each student will be required to bring an “Alchemy Bag.” 
A plastic grocery bag or smaller will do. Some suggestions are random collage items, paper, stickers from when you were 14, artist tools and supplies you no longer use or never liked, ribbon, torn up pieces of your artwork that didn’t work out (no recognizable artwork, please) old postcards, books to cut up, magazines, office supplies, sticks, you get the picture-sort of an ephemera grab bag. We will be using these Alchemy Bags as part of our mixed media paper making assignment! What, and how much to bring, is up to you. Don’t worry about trying to include nice things- we’re looking more for garbage items. We all ready have our own nice supplies-we want your cast offs to really make us think!

Email Juliana Coles with any questions or concerns:

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