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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A class in progress...

Hello, again! If this is your first visit...welcome! And if it's not, thanks for coming back ;D Today we're going to take a little peek into a class in progress at CP2. CP2 is short for China Phoenix 2. Kathy Rosecrans very generously allowed me to take pics of a recent class she held at the shop. In these photos you will see Margot and Sue, talented regulars who frequent the store. Sue, by the way, also teaches a series of beginner stamping workshops that are full of useful tips and guidelines for new and seasoned crafters looking to expand their stamping horizons.

Kathy Rosecrans is a wonderful teacher and comes up with super projects for her classes. On this particular day she had 2 students in class, but it is not uncommon for her to have a dozen folks in attendance. She is a wizard of stitchery and you can see her trusted sewing machine make an appearance in this class, along with Copic markers and several lovely trims that she artfully applied to her class samples.

Classes at CP2 always have an air of camaraderie and most importantly...FUN! Want to see what classes are coming up? Click the class calendar link in the sidebar and take a look. Also, visit this blog often and see up close photos and get detailed descriptions of the classes scheduled that week. You'll be glad you did :D


  1. Nice to see Kathy--my birthday triplet! Looks like a fun class and I would LOVE to be there.....(sigh!)

  2. This class looks like a lot of fun! So great to see Kathy! Love your blog, Nancy!
    Marilyn Valadez