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Monday, March 29, 2010 update of the latest and greatest!

Good Morning! Just a quick post to bring you the latest and greatest in China Phoenix 2 news...

Don't forget to sign up for Teresa Stoa's, Alice's Game Board Class, this Saturday (April 3rd) from 10:00am to 4:00pm. The class fee is $50.00 and Teresa has added even more fabulous details to this enchanting project. She also says that this is a playable game, which makes it even more incredible! Don't miss it!

Speaking of classes, it's perfectly acceptable to pay Nancy for the class or to pay the teacher directly. If you decide to pay the teacher directly, just be sure and let Nancy know so that she can keep her records organized. Thanks so much in advance :D

ATC Group Meeting Update - The ATC Group will meet in April on the 17th rather than the 24th. Judy Duke is coming to town and will be teaching a couple of classes on the 24th. More details to come!

Later this week watch for new pictures and details regarding upcoming classes and a few photos of a new shop patron...he's a cutie;D

In the meantime...make some art! See you soon!

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