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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Class: Ms. Witchy with Arley Berryhill

Join Arley for a special two day class (Saturday and Sunday) and you'll learn his secrets to face sculpting using paper clay and various tricks.  You'll begin this artistic venture with a very modest styrofoam ball, but by the end of the class you'll have a sassy witch head sure to add a wicked flair atop your fireplace mantle.  Arley is a talented artist and a master of details, so you can be assured he has lots to share with you whether you are a beginning sculptor or a seasoned one. 

You'll need to add a few tools to your class kit so swing by the China Phoenix 2 site for details.  

Correction:  I had originally listed Saturday's class as beginning at 10am but it actually begins at 1pm.

October 1st and 2nd:  Saturday class begins at 1:00pm, Sunday class begins at 1:00pm (class fee is $50.00)  

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