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Monday, February 3, 2014

Happening this week (Feb 3rd edition)!

Fred’s Fish: Elizabeth Forbes
Friday, Feb 7: 10:30am-4pm
Liz learned this technique from Fred Mullett himself and he has okayed her teaching it! The reason that Fred’s fish stamps are so notable is that he practices the ancient Japanese art of Gyotaku to get his super realistic images.

Gyotaku is a method of pressing the paint-covered “subject” onto paper… nature paints the image. Well, fortunately, we get to use the image without dealing with dead fish!

Wear old clothes &/or an apron – bleach is involved. Also, bring your stamp positioner if you have one. The goal is for you to do some practice and then have a frameable piece. Liz assures me that this technique involves many steps, but none are difficult.

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