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Friday, November 11, 2011

Day One

The Restoration Team arrived bright and early at the store Thursday morning.  No one knew exactly what their visit would entail, but everyone was hopeful that progress would be made in cleaning up the debris and removing some of the ashy muck that covered the back area and lay in thick piles on the stairs and floor.

Nancy's friends and ardent supporters were also in attendance to help her sort and identify materials that were salvageable, and inventory items that were beyond saving and destined to be tossed.  At the end of the day, the progress was quite remarkable.  The workers had almost completely cleared the back storage area, the kitchen, and the bathroom.  Considering these areas appeared to have suffered much damage from the fire, the transformation was impressive.

Nancy was very complimentary of the many men and women who comprise the Restoration Team, stating that they were very kind, considerate, and thoughtful during their interactions with her throughout the day.

Wednesday left many of us heartbroken and shocked as we walked through the debris.  We wondered what the future of the shop would be and how our revered proprietress and friend would weather this insurmountable storm.  Thursday we witnessed the beginning stages of a remarkable transformation proving that a little rain can sometimes wash away the old and expose the potential for the new. What a difference a day makes.

Class updates for this weekend:

Steampunk Box with Caroline Lawson - the class has been cancelled due to an unexpected scheduling conflict for Caroline.  Caroline apologizes for the inconvenience.  

Holly Stencil Cards with Kathi Anderson (Saturday, November 12th 10am-1pm) and Southwest Metal Panel with Kathi Anderson (Saturday, November 12th 2pm-5pm) - both classes have been relocated to the Harwood Methodist Church located on 4th St. and San Lorenzo just South of China Phoenix 2.  The address is 420 San Lorenzo Ave NW.  Please be sure to bring your class kits and metal tools if you have them.  

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  1. OK, guess I should check the blog before I ask questions on Facebook! I'm glad to hear that positive things are happening. Again, please let me know how I can help--when I peeked in yesterday, I felt as if I'd be in the way.