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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shop Update

As many of you are already aware, a fire broke out in the shopping center where China Phoenix 2 is located.  It started early Wednesday morning in the upstairs storage area that is part of the store, but located atop the bakery next door.  Firemen were able to put it out fairly quickly, but significant fire damage was sustained to the rear of the shop.  Severe water and smoke damage are apparent in the classroom and front of the store.

Many of you are wondering about Binx.  A fireman was able to locate Binx in the store and place him into Nancy's relieved and loving arms.  He was understandably shaken, but relatively unharmed.  A trip to the vet confirmed that he is in fairly good shape, however, smoke irritation has left his eyes itchy and uncomfortable.  He is safe and sound in Nancy's home and recovering from his ordeal.

Nancy would like to express her sincerest gratitude to the many friends who showed their love and support by calling and/or stoping by the store to check on her and Binx.  Your friendship is a precious gift.

Nancy is in the process of temporarily relocating scheduled workshops.  Please check this blog frequently for updates.  Understandably telephone service is no longer available for the store, so feel free to leave Nancy messages on this blog and I will relay them to her as best I can.  

On a personal note...many of you have communicated to me how important Nancy, Binx,  and China Phoenix 2 are to you.  The store has not only served as a place to share our creativity with one another, but also a place filled to the brim with camaraderie and good cheer.  Within its doors, Nancy welcomed us with open arms, and offered us a tiny bit of comfort and refuge from a crazy world...a home away from home.  To some degree all of us are experiencing a sense of loss.  However, let us remember the story of The Phoenix...a great and powerful bird with exquisite plumage.  At the end of its life cycle, it's nest catches fire and it is engulfed in flames, but from the ashes a new bird emerges, resurrected and reborn.


  1. The Tuesday card class has been filling my inbox with love & support for Nancy! You have a wonderful way with words ... yes the Phoenix will rise again ... thanks for all you do.

  2. Im so glad to hear nancy and binx are safe. I am sorry that this happend and if there is anuthing I can help with please let me know. Denise

  3. Indeed, Nancy, Mr. Binx, and our time at China Phoenix 2 are very important to Amy and me, providing a place of creativity, learning, and cheerful companionship each week. We look forward to the Phoenix rising from the ashes, as we know it will. Please let us know if we can help in any way. -- Valeri and Amy

  4. Cheryl, please tell Nancy to let me know when she needs a cleaning crew -- I'm sure everyone will volunteer to scrub down the store inside & out. -- Arley Berryhill

  5. So saddened to hear of the fire to Nancy's shop...but at the same time very happy to know that she and Binx are O-K! Take good care Nancy, and keep the faith, your friends will see you through this! My thoughts and good wishes are with you! Hugs dear lady!
    Cheryl's Mom

  6. So sad to hear about the fire, though I am gratified to know that there was no injury or loss of life.

    Rely on Cheryl. She's a rock!

  7. Am so glad to hear everyone is safe. Let me know if there is a cleanup organized or a fund set up to help. Thanks, Ronni

  8. I'm in for anything to help. Cleaning, scrubbing, whatever need to be done.

    Kelly Matney

  9. My mom and I were so sad to hear about the fire. I know my mom wishes she could be there to help Nancy out. She will be heading back to NM on Monday. Love and prayers.
    Rosa (Maria Teresa's Daughter)

  10. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Meanwhile I am praying for you..may the Phoenix rise again better than ever, Love, Nancy Bruce

  11. My prayers are with you Nancy ..