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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A peek inside...

The stairs by the back door.

The wall by the stairs between CP2 and the bakery.


Exposed beams on the ceiling.  Notice the damage near the top.

The area by the back door, the stairs, and the storage area above received the brunt of the damage.

Sorting in the dark and without heat as there is no electricity.  

Emptying out the store so the restoration crew can complete their clean-up.

Back with a quick update.  I took these photos Friday afternoon and believe it or not these show vast improvements compared to the condition of the store on Wednesday.  In my negligence, I failed to grab my camera that first day, but trust me, Nancy, her ardent supporters, and the restoration crew have made sweeping strides in cleaning everything up.  

The damage in the front of the store is not as obvious as the rear of the store, but the smell of smoke hangs thick in the air and a hefty coating of soot and grime taint every surface. 

This week the restoration crew is wiping down walls, removing the pegboard, addressing the clean-up, and performing the finishing touches to make the store ready for the next phase of it's resurrection.

Class Updates:

Tuesday Card Class - Sue Kapp is temporarily holding the Tuesday class at Scraps Galore, but please note that it is now moved to Wednesdays at 10:30am.  We want to extend a special thank you to Scraps Galore for helping out with this class during this difficult time. 

Copic Marker Class (November 19th, Saturday) - I'm currently scouting a new location for this Beginning Copic Class.  I've had lots of suggestions, so please watch this blog for updates.  If you are interested in taking this class it is scheduled for this Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and the class fee is $25.00.  Please contact me directly via email at or phone 505-328-2228.  If you had signed up for this class previously, please contact me and let me know as I am not in possession of the class list at this time.  Thanks so much!     

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  1. Wow. The photo of the stairs speaks volumes about the damage done by the fire. I'm sure there's also smoke, soot, foam, and water damage too.

    The folks in the remediation business are amazingly efficient and thorough. I know that they will put things to rights so that the renovation can proceed smoothly.

    Hugs to all involved in this.